Roughstock Fan Poll: The Best Country singles of 2012

We’re asking you to tell us what your favorite singles for 2012 were. The final list will be a Top 40 list of fan-voted singles for the year. Read on to see how songs were selected for the poll and what you need to do to vote! 

This year we’re asking YOU to pick the 40 best singles of the year. We don’t need you to actually pick 40 but to vote as often as you want for your favorite artist’s singles. The poll is simple as picking your favorites. We’ll compile the 40 most voted and share them with you at the end of the year along with our own editorial Top 40 singles. 

The singles selected in this list are a mixture of hugely popular songs and some that coulda or shoulda been big hits. The rules for inclusion here are simply that the songs had to be released in 2012 or had their peak at country radio in 2012. Poll will be open from November 23-December 23, 2012.

Note: To Vote multiple times, simply refresh the page.

We’ve also re-created the poll for accuracy concerns so the new numbers will be listed after you vote. HOWEVER, your old votes STILL count and are saved to add to these new votes. Sorry for any concerns.