Album Review: Lisa Matassa - "Somebody's Baby" EP

With the release of this EP, Lisa Matassa shows off a lot of likeable qualities. Read on to see what we have to say about Somebody's Baby EP here!

With "Somebody's Baby," Lisa Matassa's path to country music is complete as the Long Island, NY native follows up her last hit "Wouldn't You Like To Know" with a spirited song about a young girl who needs to 'ride her dreams like a rocket' but is given a message from her mother about life and how that no matter how bad things may get that 'wherever you go, hope that you know, you'll always be somebody's baby.'

The rest of this seven track EP that follows that well-produced uptempo ballad is a strong indication of where Lisa Matassa's career can go. She smartly includes a couple remixes from her previous Sunrise Highway album's tracks, like the sassy last single and the autobiographical "Girl With A Rock N Roll Heart" and then sings of becoming a better parent as her children grow up on "Learning As You Grow." 

There are a couple of smart cover tracks on Somebody's Baby EP, including Bryan Adams' "Heaven," a song that proves that Adams was a better songwriter than many in the 80s gave him credit for while Lisa's take on "I Will Always You Love You" is downright stunning (and is a live recording).  Finally, the EP contains the music video for "Somebody's Baby" along with her take on the classic Christmas tune "The Christmas Song."

There's a lot to like about Lisa Matassa's Somebody's Baby EP, particularly tight production, the relatable lyrics and perhaps most importantly, Matassa's strong vocal delivery.