Album Review: Tim Culpepper - "Pourin' Wiskey On Pain"

Tim Culpepper comes out of the chute like a fresh blast of Honky Tonk Truth with his debut album Pourin' Whiskey On Pain for HonkyTone Records. Read on to learn more about this album from the up and coming New neo-traditionalist artist.

"Ghost," the lead single, recalls the classic country sounds of David Ball and Mark Chesnutt and Tim Culpepper's voice is just as spot on neo-traditionalist as both of these singers. In fact, he's got a voice that's a mix between them and Randy Travis with a little Tracy Lawrence thrown in for good measure.  "Ghost" has lyrics about a guy cannot shake the woman from his past. "One More For The Road" hits the Merle Haggard tear in your beer sound to a T and Tim Culpepper shows off his strong vocal while singing about a guy who doesn't want to leave the relaxing world of the Honky Tonk for the pressures and 'daily demands' of the real life 'that work to weigh (him) down."  Both of these songs pack a 1-2 punch of traditional country and Tim is really just getting started on Pourin' Whiskey On Pain, with 11 more tracks from honky tonk heaven. 

Tim's current single is the title track and man what a dose of soul-stirring honky tonk medicine it is. This one is a mid-tempo ballad and it's currently getting some love at secondary radio markets and It'd do the world a good of service if it somehow hit mainstream country markets. "You Can't Say That Again" may have a melody that screams "Sticks And Stones" but dang it if the fiddles and steel guitars and Tim Culpepper's voice singing out the lyrics don't get my mind away from the similarities.

"His Old Boots" is a sweet song about the bond between a father and a son and how we must wear our own boots in our lives. This is a great song and one that could really be a fantastic hit on mainstream radio, if given a shot (but with steel guitars and fiddles, that might be asking too much, sigh).  "The Storm" uses a traditional country allegory to talk about a rocky relationship but damn it if Tim Culpepper doesn't wring every ounce of emotion and nuance out of the uptempo melody. 

You could say that Pourin' Whiskey On Pain is Old School but that would be writing off a well-written, well-produced and executed Country Musicalbum. Tim Culpepper is an expert singer from the school of Haggard and Whitley and showcases Pourin' Wiskey On Pain to be a master class on just how to execute a traditional country music in a modern country music world. It's that good. 

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