Single Review – George Strait – “Give It All We Got Tonight”

George Strait announced a twoo-year farewell tour to begin early in 2013 but he never did say that it’d be the final thing he does in music and this single is proof that not only are we getting a new single but we’re gonna get a new George Strait album soon. Read on to see what we think of this new track!

The vocal delivery feels a little more contemporary than the previous few album’s second or third singles and that’s just fine as George Strait has always been willing to record great songs. In fact, this has been his stock-and-trade up until recently when it seemed a little nepotism was happing with George Strait co-writiting songs with son Bubba and Dean Dillon. So, with this song, a Mark Bright, Phil O’Donnell and Tim James co-write, “Give It All We Got Tonight” finds George back in the pocket of Nashville’s writers, a place where he’s always been able to mine hits as a man with some of the best ears in Nashville (along with Manager Erv Woosley and co-producer Tony Brown). 

As stated above, this is a more ‘contemporary’ song from George but it feels more like past hits “Run” than a Jason Aldean song which is to mean that this song about living in the moment with your lover is not far from past George Strait songs. “Baby fall into my kiss, it should happen just like this, trust it so much that it’s no one else but us.” Those are the kinds of words that women want to hear and guys want to say. I have a feeling George Strait may have found yet another #1 hit and hopefully this will lead to a resurgence at country radio of songs with fiddle nicely in the mix instead of deep in the mix.