Album Review: Bucky Covington – Good Guys

Bucky Covington has had a long road from his 500,000 seling debut album released in 2007 to the release of Good Guys, his sophomore album. After changing labels and bringing the album with him, Bucky is finally releasing the album this week. Read on to see what we say about Good Guys here.

Through the course of Good Guys we hear the North Carolinian deliver plenty charm and emotion over the 12 tracks, some of which aren’t going to be unfamiliar to radio listeners as he smartly has included three of the singles which were released while still with Lyric Street. These songs, which were part of an unreleased album,  were Top 30, Top 40 or Top 50 hits and clearly add value to Good Guys, particularly for longtime fans who may have loved “I Want My Life Back,” “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” or “Gotta Be Somebody.”  The first two mentioned here were and still are strong, emotive ballads while the latter was a decent cover of a Nickelback rock chart hit.

Good Guys features a pair of other singles including “I Wanna Be That Feeling,” a song that should’ve been a bigger hit and “Drinkin’ Side of Country,” a duet with Shooter Jennings that shows off a playful side to Bucky that hasn’t always been evident before now. He’s benefitted from the song with well over 2,000,000 views since being released in late July, 2012. 

“Hold A Woman” is a sweetly romantic slice of country soul, a side to Bucky which also shows up on his cover of Lionel Richie’s “Sail On.” “I’m Alright” is another winning song from songwriter Tom Douglas while “Mexicoma” (written by Logan Mize and Lonnie Fowler) is a fun little song that plays on the mexico and ‘coma’ pairing. It’s such an obvious title, it’s a wonder why the song wasn’t really written until recently. 

Good Guys is Bucky Covington doing what he does best. He’s an emotive, effervescent vocalist with a winning personality and that personality and emotion is shown in abundance throughout the album. 

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