Single Review: Sarah Darling - "Home To Me"

This talented singer-songwriter has not only released two stunning collections of albums over the past three years but she's also endeared herself to fans nationwide with a peronsality that is second-to-none. Read on to learn what we think about "Home To Me," the lead single from her next album!

With "Home To Me," Sarah Darling may very well have found the song to break her out into the mainstream country music audience. She once again showcases a stellar voice that is clean, pure and one of the best of any genre in the world with a spirited love song that is both contemporary and modern without completely feeling like it couldn't have worked in the past two or three decades of country music.

This immediately makes "Home To Me" one of the better singles of 2012 and certainly should be a song able to capture audiences both old and young alike. It looks like Black River Entertainment's belief in the talented Sarah Darling is about to pay off with "Home To Me" and shows that labels can still do artist development in the 21st century.

Watch a live performance of the single from a recent visit to the Grand Ole Opry: