DJ Miller Releases Special Single To Honor Friend

Known for his Top 20 hit “Between Sundays,” DJ Miller is set to release a new single from his upcoming album to radio soon but before he does that, the Evergreen Records-singed artist has released a special song that discusses the tatoo featured on his arm. Read on to learn more about the song here!

DJ Miller is often asked the meaning of his tattoo inked on the inside of his right arm. A.M.W. 6-6-89-10-7-06.  Those three letters and dates play a vital role in the release of Miller’s special album cut, “Ink On My Skin.”  The emotional ballad co-written by Miller, Charlie Black, Don Goodman and Jon Conley is being made available on iTunes this week in honor of Miller’s good friend, Adam Michael Williams, who lost his life to an easily preventable automobile accident when he was 17.  Miller dealt with his grief by immediately going out and having his buddy’s initials inked on his skin as a way to keep him close.

“I am privileged to have this opportunity to share this song in Adam’s honor,” says DJ Miller.  “He was a great friend who lost his life way too early in a car accident.  I’m on a mission to make all young drivers realize that they are only human and can die or be seriously injured in a split second due to the choices they make whether it’s speeding, choosing not to wear a seatbelt or texting.  Hopefully by sharing my very personal experience others will stop and think before getting behind the wheel.  It may sound trite, but if we can save the life of one young driver through the words of this song, Adam’s legacy will live on in a very positive light.”

“Ink On My Skin” will be included on Miller’s forthcoming debut album due out later this year.  Through the personal message of “Ink On My Skin,” Miller hopes to make all young driver’s aware of their own mortality and the responsibilities that come with being behind the wheel.

Watch the acoustic video performance of the single here.