Easton Corbin “All Over The Road” TrackList and Cover Art

With his sophomore album set to be released soon, Easton Corbin looks to avoid the ‘sophomore slump’ with All Over The Road. Set to be released September 18, 2012, All Over The Road features 11 tracks. Read on to learn more about the album’s tracks, songwriters and cover art here.

“All Over The Road” is a fun title,” Easton contends. “But It’s also actually what we’re doing out there. We’re all over the road trying to get to everybody, so I thought it made sense.” 

Easton Corbin Tracklist and Songwriters

1. All Over The Road (Carson Chamberlain/Ashley Gorley/Wade Kriby)

2. Lovin’ You Is Fun (Jim Beavers/Bob DiPiero)

3. That’s Gonna Leave A Memory (Tony Martin/Mark Nesler/Roger Springer)

4. Hearts Drawn In The Sand (Michael White/Jason Saenz)

5. Dance Real Slow (Carson Chamberlain/Ashley Gorley/Wade Kirby)

6. A Thing For You (Easton Corbin/Carson Chamberlain/Tony Lane)

7. Are You With Me (Tommy Lee James/Terry McBride/Shane McAnally)

8. This Feels A Lot Like Love (Easton Corbin/Carson Chamberlain/Mark D. Sanders)

9. Only A Girl (Carson Chamberlain/Wade Kirby/Will Nance)

10. Tulsa, Texas (Tony Lane/Mike Lane/David Lee)

11. I Think Of You (Thom Shepherd/Jeff Silvey)