Single Review - D. Vincent Williams - "Down By The River"

Today we take a look at the debut single from Bigger Picture's D. Vincent Williams. An artist who has long been treasured by the Nashville songwriting and artist community, D. Vincent finally is getting the chance to share his music (in his own voice) with the world. Read what we have to say about the hit songwriter's debut single "Down By The River."

This means that "Down By The River" is able to capture a sound and a feel of a vintage 1980s country sound with the production values needed to keep it relevant to a different generation of listeners. "Down By The River" The harmonies and production should leave D. Vincent Williams gaining fans of Zac Brown Band, the fans who like strongly-written songs about real ripped-from-life moments, which this tune does in spades as it talks about spending "all night down by the river, you lovin' on me, me lovin' on you" with the girl in his life. 

This is a song that undoubtedly deserves to be a radio hit and proves that artists signed to record deals do not have to be between 18-29 years old to be 'relevant' in modern country music. It has always been and should always be about the music and that's exactly what we have here, a strongly written, strongly performed (D. Vincent has a timeless tenor) song with tight production from Keith Stegall.