Kevin Gordon - Gloryland

This singer-songwriter's style of music is downright intoxicating. It's not intoxicating in the get my ass drunk kind of songs but rather in the immensely detailed, strong story song cycle. Read on to find out more about the album here!

Songs like the title track "Gloryland" reveal an artist who isn't dissimilar from John Hiatt and Gurf Morlix. "Pecolia's Star" finds Gordon singing about a real person (which is also done throughout the record) and he's telling a rich story. This is the kind of literary-like music that demands attention rather than much of the mainstream stuff that's just kinda there. "Trying To Get To Memphis is another standout track while "Nine Bells" channels a vibe that recalls the best of Buddy Miller.

Kevin Gordon's Gloryland is a record that quite frankly rivals anything released in the Americana/alt-country or 'folk' scenes. Fans of strong songwriting should definitely check this and other albums from Kevin Gordon's arsenal.

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