EP Review: Luke Bryan - Spring Break 4: Suntan City

For the fourth year in a row, Luke Bryan provides his fans with a special spring break EP. 2012's Spring Break 4: Suntan City builds upon the success of both his full-length albums and his three other Spring Break EPs. Read on to see what we say about volume 4 here.

The four songs here are all summery, goodtime songs which work well with a party mix, which is exactly what they’re supposed to be. “Suntan City,” the EP’s namesake is a song Luke wrote with the Peach Pickers and as such, it sounds like something that could be a big radio hit for him if he was to choose to release the song as a single. Since it’s not likely to happen, fans will just have to be content to have the chance to have the party tune on their spring break and summer playlists.  “Spring Break-Up” is a song about the dissolution of a small spring break relationship. It’s not meant to be anything more than what it is, a fly by night, of the moment relationship.

“Little Bit Later On” finds Luke taking on a some beat-boxing and serving up a kinda, sorta, talkin’ song tune about a guy who is about being in the moment and having a good time with some good friends. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect to hear on this type of EP. “Shake The Sand” ends the fun EP with a laid-back, romantic vibe with a melody that showcases exactly what makes Luke Bryan the popular country artist he is, he has a way with a ballad and is able to serenade women without ever sounding too earnest or cheesy. Another thing Luke Bryan has is that he appeals to both female and male audiences (girls think he’s hot, guys think he’s cool) and that’s one other thing that’s showcased on this EP, it has something for every one of his younger fans or fans of his brand of country music.

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