Album Review: Logan Mize - Nobody In Nashville

One of our favorite things to do at Roughstock is to share great new talent with you and that's exactly what we are doing with this review of Logan Mize's Big Yellow Dog Records debut Nobody In Nashville. Read on to see what we have to say about the album!

Logan Mize - Nobody In Nashvillle (Big Yellow Dog Records). Debut release for the artist and the label.

Have you ever felt like someone had the that crazy thing, the it factor, the x-factor, that too hard to quantify thing that all stars have in order to succeed in music, the first time you heard them sing? That’s the way I felt about the first time I heard Logan Mize sing his single “Good Life” last year.Signed to Big Yellow Dog publishing as a songwriter, the scruffy-voiced artist quickly had the publishing company working towards starting a record label to get Logan’s music out to a nationwide (and sub sequentially a worldwide) audience so that everyone could have the chance to hear his songs in his own voice.  

The Kansas-native’s debut, Nowhere In Nashville is a ten track album that showcases Logan’s songwriting and unique voice. “State Of Your Heart” showcases a heartland country/rock vibe that sets the album up for what lies ahead and the hit in waiting title track follows next with a song that basically finds Logan moving to Nashville to share his own song about his broken heart and how he’ll use that to drive him to ‘tell the whole world the honest truth.’ “High & Dry” is a steel-laced rocker that finds Logan channeling Tom Petty, which is probably the best comparison I could make for Logan, that of a heartland rock pioneer. 
Two of the best songs on the record are “Sunflower” and “Good Life.”  “Sunflower” has a melodic guitar that recalls U2 while the lyrics and vocal delivery are pure modern country music where Logan sings about being a ramblin’ man who’s “like the sunflower who follows the sun.” “Good Life,” meanwhile, is a song which finds Logan singing about a guy who wants to get back to the simple life of his small Kansas upbringing and wants to bring his girl with him. As far as ‘I love the country songs’ go, this is one of the best ones I’ve heard in a while.

When it’s all said and done, Logan Mize has something that’s hard to quantify in country music. He’s got a sound that’s mainstream yet when you hear him come across the speakers, you know you’re listening to an artist who is completely unique with a voice that recalls others but cannot be compared to anyone else on the airwaves today. That may be an initial hard sell but with songs like Nobody In Nashville has, Logan Mize deserves the chance at massive airplay and the stardom that comes with it.

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