Single Review: Eric Church – Springsteen

Eric Church has become one of the top country by the old way of getting there, by relentlessly touring and crafting albums that stand up as strong as anything coming out of the mainstream of country music. Read on to see why we think this is his biggest potential hit yet.

For the past couple of years Eric Church has been steadily building his career the way almost all careers were built before the free-wheeling 1990s, through relentless touring. This helped him move from Top 20 country radio star to Gold-selling Top 10 hit making artist from his debut Sinners Like Me to sophomore single Carolina and he eventually saw the latter album hit Gold in sales while also getting ready to break big with his third album Chief. And break big he did as “Homeboy” set up the album for a remarkable #1 breakthrough on both the SoundScan Top Country Albums and Hot 200 Albums charts. This helped his second single from the album, “Drink In My Hand” become a juggernaut at both radio and digital retailers. The song not only has sold over 500,000 downloads, it’s also the first #1 hit of Eric’s career and it’s not even the best song on that fantastic Chief album.  That distinction belongs to “Springsteen,” the third single from the album.

This, my friends, is the same way I felt about Kings of Leon after they followed the stellar “Sex On Fire” with the massive hit “Use Somebody.”  It’s a similar ‘theme’ for that band in the rock world to Eric Church’s country career.

A low-key ballad about how vital a role music plays in our life and the shaping of our memories, “Springsteen” is such a juggernaut of a tune. The strong, sing-a-long lyrics and driving, percussive melody brings Eric Church to an accessibility that he’s previously never had, despite writing strong material. Quite simply, this is a star-making single from a star-making album. It’s the kind of universal tune that also has a rare quality of feeling deeply intimate. Quite simply a stunning song and a no-braner for a Top 10 and most likely #1 slot sometime this summer.

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