Single Review: Josh Turner – “Time Is Love”

With a new album set to be released in the Spring or Summer of 2012, Josh Turner has just sent this single to country radio with the hopes that it’ll make a grand enterance and become yet another hit in his career. Read on to see what we think of “Time Is Love”

That being said, this song is no “Your Man” either, despite the lyrics showcasing a man who wants to get out of work as early as possible so he can get home to the woman waiting for him. And that’s what this song is resting its laurels on, that romantic sexiness that is often the core of Josh Turner’s biggest hits, to say nothing of his fantastic voice, which is characteristically strong here. But the whole thing feels like it’s more of a ‘background’ kind of song more than one that makes you wanna stand up and notice it.

If not for that interesting programming providing the percussive melody and the sprightly mandolin fills and – later – acoustic guitar and mandolin solos, “Time Is Love” would actually feel kind of fair to middling, which is kind of a depressing development for a song which is supposed to be an epic romantic statement.