Album Review Review: Emily West: I Hate You, I Love You

In a world where manufactured talent is super-easy to come by, it’s always wonderful to have true talent break the surface and deliver something unique. That’s exaclty what you get with Emily West. Read on to find out about her new EP h

The album starts off with “Boys In The Morning” And it definitely follows a modern country sound with traditional country feel to it and a lyric that is open and honest.  The next track “Dangers of Love” is a lilting, delicate torch ballad of the finest order that recalls the classic vocal pop of the past while also remaining completely modern in tone and lyric while ruminating on, well, the dangers of love. It’s not far from something you might hear coming from an Adele record and in both tone and vocal ability. 

“All My Fault” follows a similar suit  as “All My Fault” and it finds Emily singing a more uptempo, acoustic and orchestral torch ballad about the falling for “just an illusion, a dream, a wish that was a lie.” It’s heartfelt, open and raw, just like a great song should be. “Supergirl” is beautiful and raw as well.

The title track to the EP, “I Hate You, I Love You” finds miss Emily showcasing her stunning voice over yet another mid-tempo acoustic arrangement. It’s a fantastic showcase for the kind of vocalist that Emily West is and that a great vocalist can sing any kind of genre.  “My Story” fills the album out with an optimistic outlook on life and ends a heart-felt EP on a positive note and a different vocal delivery that will recall Sheryl Crow but with a much stronger vocal.

While hard to pigeonhole to one genre, Emily West is without a shadow of a doubt one of Nashville’s best vocalists and I Hate You, I Love You is a great example of the kind of music she can sing if given the chance.  She’s also too talented a singer to not get a big shot.

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