Single Review: Mark Wayne Glasmire - "Going Home"

Do you know or are you a retired veteran of the USA Armed Forces? If so, you may really relate to this brand new single from singer/songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire. Take a look at what we have to say about the song and follow our link to watch it as well!

With veterans day around the corner, country radio always comes alive with songs that talk about veterans and military familes so it’s always cool to be able to share a new one that may not have been have hit the radar of our readers yet. “Going Home,” is a great new ballad that finds Mark Wayne Glasmire singing a story of a man who is moving from a very long and successful career in active duty to veteran status.

It is an emotional ballad that tells of the emotional implications of a career change after 36 years of serving for the Commander in Chief and with his fellow soldiers. Beautifully written, beautifully sung and fantastically produced, “Going Home” is an easy to like song and you know what, like all great songs, “Going Home” can be a song that fits anyone who is returning back home after a long time away from the place that helped to shape who they are. 

Take a look at the emotional music video here

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