Road To The 2011 CMA Awards! Behind The Scenes and artist interviews

Take a look behind the Scenes of the 45th Annual CMA Awards with The Road To The CMA Awards. We have some footage of Carrie and Brad rehearsing their duet along with interviews with artists like Mark Wills, Neal McCoy, Ty Herndon, Trailer Choir and more!

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood 2011 CMA Awards "Remind Me" performance Rehearsal

The Band Perry 2011CMA Awards "All Your Life" performance Rehearsal

Road to the 2011 CMA Awards - Ty Herndon

Road To The 2011 CMA Awards - Trailer Choir

Road To The 2011 CMA Awards - Neal McCoy

Road To The 2011 CMA - Andy Gibson

Road To The 2011 CMA - Mark Wills

Road To The 2011 CMA - The Lost Trailers

Road To The 2011CMA - Margaret Durante

Well, there you have it. a recap from Day one of CMA Week. Don't forget to watch the CMA Awards On Wednesday! Watch this commercial to find out the time!