Tim McGraw Splits From Curb Records

It was a long drawn-out process, one which seemingly had McGraw feeling like an Endentured Servant and where over a nearly 20 year career, the label has released only 10 albums but also 6 “Hits” collections, but Tim McGraw now is free to sign with another label.

In an unsurprising to anyone paying attention bit of news, Tim McGraw was, by virtue of Davidson Country (Nashville) Cancery Court Chancellor Russell Perkins, set free from his record deal with Curb Records. The Court Chanceller denied Curb’s request for an injunction against Tim and because of this, his attorney Bill Ramsey asserted that the Platinum artist is now free to sign with another record label and begin a new chapter of his career apart from Curb, his label home the last 20 years.

In those 20 years with Curb, he’s released 10 studio albums while the label also released six greatest hits or hits collection projects (and no doubt will have a #4 “Greatest Hits” album out soon enough) in that same time. Only one of these projects, 2006’s “Reflected: Greatest Hits Volume 2” was made with Tim’s participation.

While Tim declined to comment, he appeared to be visably pleased by the news, as were his attorneys, his wife Faith Hill and his manager Coran Capshaw.

A trial is still scheduled for July to determine if there was a breach of McGraw’s contract with Curb Records and if Damages are still in order. Whatever the outcome of that trial, it appears that Tim McGraw is no longer a Curb Records recording artist. 

We have no doubts that “Emotional Traffic” will either be bought by Tim in a court settlement with Curb – there’s no way Curb wins in a trial, is there? – or that Curb will simply release the recording themselves (maybe as part of “Greatest Hits Volume IV).


Thanks to CountryAircheck for the initial report of this news.