Single Review: Zac Brown Band - "Keep Me In Mind"

With seven #1 hits to their credit since blasting on the country scene in 2008, Zac Brown Band has certainly set the bar for quaility songs and singles. Does "Keep Me In Mind," the fourth single from You Get What You Give stack up well? Read on to find out!

What’s most interesting about “Keep Me In Mind” is that they are adding a little of their jam band-like qualities to the song with the mixture of some 70s “yacht rock” on the interlude interwoven with reggae and jangly guitars which is not too far from what the Dave Matthews Band does.

This is a great sounding song and while not as starkly beautiful as “Colder Weather” or “Martin,” the song is downright brilliantly written, performed and produced with the band’s harmonies once again a highlight of the song.

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