Hank Williams, Jr. Pulled From Monday Night Football

Earlier today on the Fox & Friends telecast on Fox News Channel, Hank Williams, Jr. spoke about a few topics, one of whch was President Obama and John Boehner's meeting this summer. Read on to see what comment had ESPN suspending Hank Jr. from MNF tonight.

Hank Jr. later said “It would be like Hitler playing golf with Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu.”

When Fox News asked him to explain his analogy, he said that the President and Vice President Joe Biden were “the enemy.”

ESPN hasn’t said whether they’ll reinstate Hank Jr. in time for next week’s broadcast of Monday Night Football.

What do you think? Do you think ESPN should've suspended Hank Jr. from tonight's telecast? Do you think they took the potential Senator Candidate in 2012's comments to harshly?

UPDATE 10-6-2011: Hank Jr Officially Dropped from MNF.