Single Review: Joey+Rory - "Headache"

Joey+Rory burst onto the national scene with "Cheater, Cheater" after a runner-up finish on the CMT series Can You Duet and have released two full albums and will release a new one in 2012 as well. Take a look at our thoughts on this Album #3 lead single here.

Joey Martin Feek (the wife, for those of you who hate gender-neutral names) confronts her man not with anger, not with disappointment, but with straightforwardness and gentle humor. She says that he can go out fishing with his buddies if he wants, but meanwhile, she feels a headache coming on. And we all know what that means. If he goes, then he's not getting what he wants in the bed tonight. You know, that little three-letter-word. The same word Tracy Byrd never said the last letter of in "The Truth About Men." I like how the song is overall playful, not bitter — it's obvious she's smiling when she sings. And as always, the instrumentation's light but still bracing. Who says an almost entirely acoustic song can't have some punch? 

I honestly don't know if radio will ever turn Joey+Rory into hitmakers, notwithstanding the heavy rotation "That's Important to Me" got in my neck of the woods even long after it fell from the charts. But maybe that's for the better. Without radio breathing down their necks, this fine and talented husband-wife duo will be free to offer more of their fine, homespun, clever songs to anyone willing to give a listen.

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