Single Review: Jake Owen – Alone With You

With his very first #1 and Platinum anything coming courtesy of “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” Jake Owen is certainly on a roll. Can he continue this positive momentum with “Alone With You?” Read on to find out what we have to say about Jake’s new single here!

The woman in “Alone with You” only wants the carnal side of things in the relationship, if you catch my drift. Straightforward but effective lines like “Don’t slip your hand under my shirt and tell me it’s okay” from the narrator make it clear she doesn’t want more. He’s torn between saying “no, this is wrong” and giving in to impulse and desire. With the song’s darker melody and Owen’s slightly softer-than-usual performance, the internal conflict and emotions of temptation are in full force. It’s overall a very different sound for the usually upbeat Owen, and he pulls it off. 

10 years ago, Shane McAnally was a struggling artist just trying to get his foot in the door with his lone album from Curb Records. Although that got him only a #31 single, McAnally has found recent success writing excellent material for others. It’s great to see another artist going back to the McAnally well so soon, and it’s great to hear an already-fine artist such as Jake trying something new. Hot off his first #1, Jake has nowhere to go but up.


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