Single Review: Rodney Atkins - "He's Mine"

With "Take A Back Road" hitting #1 and selling loads of digital singles, it seems as if Rodney Atkins is back on top. Will this tune, the follow-up single, return him to A-list radio star status? Read on to see what we have to say about "He's Mine."

It’s a song that many fathers will relate to as they see their sons do the same things that they do and there’s not much doubt that some moms will think of their husbands and sons too. The melody is straight-up mainstream countrified rock and Rodney sings the melody well but after the supersized earworm that was “Take A Back Road” (a song that’s nearly platinum), it might be very hard for Rodney to garner another #1 hit, that is unless radio has decided to return Rodney to the A-list of ‘instant hit makers’ like he was a few years ago.

With that in mind, I’ll say that “He’s Mine” has all the potential to be another big hit for Rodney Atkins but it’s not as immediately likable and memorable as “Take A Back Road” or even hits like “Farmer’s Daughter” and “It’s America” were.

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