The Fan Voted Top 10 Songs Of The Summer For 2011

Last week we polled fans nationwide to find out what you thought about 40 of this year's biggest radio hits with one goal in mind; to determine the song of the summer for 2011. Read on to see how the top 10 songs fared (we also have videos to watch here as well).

After a week’s worth of (non-scientific) polling, these are the songs that ended up being voted by you, the fans, as the Top 10 songs of the Summer! The results aren't exaclty as we'd have expected the poll to turn out and even with all of these 10 songs being hits of various degrees, we think there still were some surprising placements amongst the Top 10 list. We hope you find the list below fun and worthy of discussion!

10. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not – Thompson Square

This song hit #1 early in 2011 but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most-played and best-loved songs of the year and that was enough to make it the 10th most-voted song on this list.

09. Here For A Good Time – George Strait

The lead single to George’s about to be released album of the same name, the song may not have been a huge summertime single (yet) but it certainly is still loved by those that voted!

08. Love Done Gone – Billy Currington

Billy Currington’s been making great ‘summer songs’ for a while now (“Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer was a big summer ’10 hit). Now he’s back again with this earworm that is oh, so hard to get out of your head.

07. Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean

We’re not surprised that this song made this list. We’re surprised – quite frankly – that more fans didn’t come out to vote for it to get it higher on the list. It is, in our estimation at least, a Top 3 hit of this summer with a couple other songs on this list. But we digress because you, the fans, not us, the ‘tastemakers’, voted for this list. And here it is.

06: Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen

This single has sold nearly a million downloads since being released. That makes it, by far, the biggest single of Jake Owen’s career and the perfect song to help send his album of the same name into the best album sales week of his career (#1 landing is all but a given).

05: Honey Bee – Blake Shelton

His other single released in the middle of summer, “God Gave Me You” was actually the 11th-placed song as well, giving Blake the rare double dipper of summer songs. This one still gets remarkable amounts of video and radio airplay and felt like a summer song the minute we heard it. It also was timed nicely with Blake’s rise to certified multi-media stardom thanks to The Voice on NBC.

04: Country Girl (Shake It For Me) – Luke Bryan

This song, which is meant to be a fun little diversion from serious things in life, has sold quite well digitally and set things up nicely for Luke’s just-released Tailgates & Tanlines album. The album ended up selling quite well to garner the #1 album in country music the week of its release (#2 in the country for all genres, behind the Jay-Z/Kanye West album).

03. Remind Me – Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood

The song which hit #1 this week at radio continues the two stars’ winning streak with fans as it lands the third-place slot here. Brad’s “Old Alabama” got the 12th-most votes as well.

02. Tomorrow – Chris Young

Like Luke and Jake Owen, Chris Young is working on breaking from the pack with his third album Neon. It has sold briskly so far, as has this well-sung and supremely strong lead single has. Fans love it too as it was clearly the second best with more than a hundred votes out-pacing other songs.

01. One More Drinkin’ Song – Jerrod Niemann

Like Chris Young’s active fan base, Jerrod certainly had fans step-up for him here as they voted this song the #1 song of the summer and it wasn’t really even close. While that surprises me just as much as the placement of some other songs on this list, it is a fun, summer kind of song so we’re OK with it winning this poll.

What do you think? Do you think your fellow fans got the votes right? What song are you most surprised to see on this list?