Martina McBride - "I'm Gonna Love You Through It"

Martina McBride has made her career through singing about social topics and of familial bonds of love. After her single about "Teenage Daughters" the past few months, she returns with this single. Read on to find out whether we think the song will make an impact or not.

Anyone who has survived cancer or any other life-threatening ailments or been on the side of somebody who has will certainly relate to the lyrics of “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” a story song that serves as Martina McBride’s second Republic Nashville single. It has all the hallmarks of her best and most powerful tunes are here, including Martina’s soaring voice and great lyrics and, perhaps that biggest element, the emotional impact.  The melody is contemporary but there is still nice steel guitar solo mixed within the soaring strings all tying the song to an epic conclusion of the power love can have when we are at the worst moments in our lives.

If this song doesn’t restore people’s faith in Martina McBride or become the big radio hit it deserves to be (it’s so universal), then people just don’t want to hear great country songs about real life anymore (and would rather listen to parties about country boys, trucks, rebel flags, moonshine, etc).  It’d be a shame if that were to happen. America needs this country song and after all, This is Country music and it does (talk about cancer and disease in songs).