the JaneDear girls - "Merry Go Round"

Now here's a song thats' bound to draw the ire of many country music fans out there. Despite possessing more fiddle and 'country' instruments than many hits thesedays, the song also has modern rock/hip-hop influences. Do we think it'll be a hit?

And this is precicely what “Merry Go Round” is about. It’s a song written by girls for girls to enjoy while out with their friends for girls night out. This is a song that isn’t rocket science, it’s not gonna cure cancer or end worldwide hunger. “Merry Go Round” is meant to be a nonsensical piece of powder puff fun and on that level it works and it’s highly possible radio will give the song a shot to become this duo’s biggest hit.

The song itself is a pretty good representation of what the JaneDear girls’ album is all about and while I may not be playing this song over and over like other songs on my iPod, it doesn’t make my ears bleed. In a world where entertainment is becoming more ‘narrow’ than wide, this song works for what it was designed to do and that, despite many guys protesting to hate the song, will get girls out on the dance floor making their ‘merry go round’, which will please the same guys to no end.