Trailer Choir - EP

The trio first came to national attention with their debut single "Off The Hillbilly Hook."Featured as the single from the soundtrack for Toby Keith's movie "Beer For My Horses."  Now with the EP, the trio presents 3 other fun tracks.

With “Off The Hillbilly Hook,” Toby Keith’s newest protégés, the Trailer Choir, came out with something that wasn’t exactly “normal” for country radio.  Recorded and released for Toby’s “Beer For My Horses” movie soundtrack, the song showcased the trio of Crystal, Butter and Big Vinny as a fun-loving, trio with equally fun songs.  During their summer tour they sold a 4 song EP that featured not only that track but three other, more conventional songs.

“Rockin’ The Beer Gut” is another sunny, fun-loving track that shows Butter as a capable-voiced singer who knows his way around a lyrical hook.  With a melody that enhances the chorus, Butter and Crystal and Vinny sing a lyric about a girl who may be a little ‘bigger’ around the waist but is unafraid to wear the skinny jeans and tighter shirt to show off her ‘assets.’  “Rollin’ Through The Sunshine” is another tempo-filled summery type of song that will certainly hit home with anyone who’s living paycheck to paycheck but still manages to get away and enjoy life, despite all those pressures.  If there were ever a summertime song ready for radio it’d be this one.  “In My Next 5 Beers,” is a Toby-like party song that finds Butter singing about a guy who is talking to a girl about future plans and instead of responding to her 5 year plan, he has shorter goals insight, like making it through that one night.

While none of the songs on this EP will cure cancer or anything; they will take your mind away from the way your life may be going and they certainly lend themselves to a live audience, where the Trailer Choir truly excels as they truly know how to entertain.  At the same time as the band works on a full-length album to be released sometime in 2009 (along with a really good ballad primed to be released soon); they present this short 4 song EP to tide their fans over.