Montgomery Gentry – “Where I Come From” Single Review

When their last couple of singles stalled on the Billboard singles chart, many were asking what went wrong for one of the most-played artists of the last 10 years to suddenly stop getting hits. Will this song, their first for Average Joe’s Ent. return them to the charts?

And “Where I Come From” certainly has the ingredients of a comeback. Sure, it’s yet another anthem about rural pride, and sure, maybe they did that a little better with “My Town,” but “Where I Come From” is far from bad. The production’s a little more muscular and gritty than usual, emphasizing the duo’s ever-present Southern rock influences a little more strongly. And the lyrics are proud without being boastful — when Eddie says “don’t you dare go runnin’ down my little town,” it sounds conversational, not threatening. The detail in the second verse, about an old man in the courthouse square who is fabulously wealthy despite his appearance and lack of education, is also a nice detail. 

Average Joe’s hasn’t seen any of its roster crack the top 40 yet, but I would bet anything that Montgomery Gentry would be the first. And even if it’s not a big hit, it should at least make enough of a dent to gear them up for one. Montgomery Gentry is back, and they’re sounding as good as ever.

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