Jason Michael Carroll - Numbers

Jason Michael Carroll returns to the country charts with his latest album Numbers. It's the first recording on his own label and is distributed through Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Read on to find out what we think of th

Chances are if you liked JMC’s brand of country music from either of those albums then you’ll dig what is found on Numbers. The title tune lists off numbers which ‘are all around’ us and while ‘most of them mean absolutely nothing, some of them mean everything.’ It was also the lead-single sent to radio. 

Written with Patrick Davis and Dallas Davidson, “Meet Me In The Barn” is a raved-up country rocker that infuses banjo and metal-derived guitars and tells a story of a young couple trying to sneak off to do, well, what Trace Adkins’ “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” song told. And while the sound and story are the same (this was originally gonna be the single sent to radio), “Barn” doesn’t have nearly any of the cheesy lyrics found in the Adkins single.

“This Is For The Lonely” kicks off the album and is perhaps the best song on the record with interesting lyrics about how a guy got to be the way he is, lonely. Songs with “Amen” “Hope” “Hallelujah” showcase that Jason Michael Carroll hasn’t forgotten his roots as a child of a Christian minister  (even if only “Hope” mentions God directly). 

While the latter part of the record tend to blend together a bit, this likely won’t matter to fans of Jason Michael Carroll but for those hoping for an album with a little more meat, like album ending “Alyssa Lies,” Jason’s first and best hit to date, are certainly going to be a bit disappointed. Still with a voice like his pliable baritone, Jason Michael Carroll is most definitely a singer worth keeping on the airwaves for he helps bring country music an identifiable sound and it’s a sound that cannot be confused for anything but country music.