Jeffrey Foucault - Horse Latitudes

With just 10 songs, Jeffrey Foucault manages to evoke the heart of classic singer/songwriters while remaining compeltely his own artist on Horse Latitudes. Read our full review of this Signature Sounds recording here.

The record features sterling production (by Jeffrey Foucault and his band) throughout and the songs are simply stunning in their breadth and lyrical scope.  “Everybody’s Famous” talks about the new world of social media and reality television (but smartly never name checks anything) but serves to remind people that “Everybody’s Famous” but everybody’s still the same. The title track kicks off the record and immediately draws you in with some crying steel guitars playing off haunting percussion before Foucault breaks in with that haunting vocal of his.  “Horse Latitudes” is atmospheric yet lyrically strong song that sets up the rest of the record. 

Pretty Girl In A Small Town” sounds like the kind of song that used to be a frequent feature on strong singer/songwriter fare coming out of Nashville and you know what, it’s not that difficult to picture somebody like Keith Urban recording a tune like this. Regardless of what the song may ‘sound like,’ it’s a sturdy study of a girl who doesn’t realize how great she really is and how she’s better than the bad relationships she’s been in.  “Starlight and Static” reminds me of a Darrell Scott classic and the kind of songs that Ryan Adams built his career upon. 

When it’s all said and done, Horse Latitudes is an album that demands you pay attention to both the lyrics and the melodies.  It’s a collection of songs direct from Jeffrey Foucault’s soul and that’s the kind album that is missing from much of the popular albums on the mainstream markets.  While compared to classic artists, with records like this, Jeffrey Foucault is definitely a unique artist in his own right and Horse Latitudes is a perfect example of that unique talent on display.

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