Wynonna - "Love It Out Loud"

With her OWN show with her mother Naomi set to draw to a close tonight, Wynonna Judd has released this tune in tribute to Naomi.  Take a look at writer Bobby Peacock has to say about Wynonna's first solo single since 2009.  Does he think it's a hit?

According to the spoken intro (of course, excised from the radio edit), Wy wrote this song for her mother. You'd expect another soft "Mama's Song"-type song, but it's quite on the opposite side. It's a thumping uptempo in the vein of "No One Else on Earth," simple and anthemic with its chorus of "Love isn't love, really love, until you love it out loud." The second half hushes down with a spoken-word bridge and minor-key "love is coming" lines before jumping back into the chorus one more time. As is expected, Wynonna gives a gritty, soulful delivery — she sounds much older and much deeper, which is a surprise since she's always been a contralto — and makes the song her own. 

I'll admit that I sometimes find Wynonna's "girl power" a bit overbearing, but on "Love It Out Loud," she succeeds by not overdoing it. The song, while not groundbreaking, is very solid and well-sung. As I said, it probably won't get too much play on radio since Wy a.) hasn't had a hit in ages, and b.) is on a label that can't really seem to get a hit out of anyone, but I get the feeling that she doesn't have her eye on the charts anyway. With a song like this, sincerity and credibility are what matter most, and she succeeds in both.

Watch "The Judds" tonight at 10PM Eastern to see this song performed.

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