John Rich - For The Kids

On this, the first of two SixPak's, John Rich is throwing his support behind the St Jude's Children's Research Hospital with a heartfelt collection of songs inspired by his time spent at the incredible hospital.

For The Kids kicks off with the title tune and it immediately sets the tone for this sweet and heartfelt collection of songs.  “Thank God For Kids” is one of the better songs John Rich has ever written with heart and showcasing how much joy that children bring to us and how they’re about as close to pure and heavenly as we can get on earth.  “Where Angels Hang Around” is a CCM-ish ballad about a man who discusses taking his child to the only place he knows can handle that one big word that changed the family’s life forever. It’s a powerful song.

Fans of Martina McBride will recognize “She’s A Butterfly” and fans of Wynonna will remember “Rescue Me.” The former was on the Martina album while the latter – written by the late Katie Darnell – was on Wynonna’s What The World Needs Now Is Love album from 2003.  In fact, I think “She’s A Butterfly” was inspired by Katie as well.  Either way you slice it, both songs are inspirational as every track on this SixPak (including “Simplify”) turn out to be as well.

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