John Rich - Rich Rocks

With Rich Rocks! John Rich releases his second SixPak this week. With the album featuring guests like Hank Jr, Kid Rock, Cowboy Troy and Lil' Jon does the recording really, truly 'rock' as the title says?

Depending on your opinion on John Rich and the kind of music he made with Big & Rich (who are releasing a single this summer called “Fake ID”) you’ll either love or loathe Rich Rocks, the second of John’s two SixPak collection of tunes (the other is the inspirational For The Kids).  On Rich Rocks, the album is exactly as it’s advertised, it’s six tunes of rockin tracks, including the 2010 chart single “Country Done Come To Town.”

The tunes feature the swagger, hard rock sounds and sensual sounds one would expect from a rock album and twenty five years ago this album may have very well been a big hit on the pop/rock charts with “You Had Me From Hell No” and “Mack Truck” and “You Rock Me” prime examples of this.  “Texas” (which features Cowboy Troy) is processed with some ZZ Top style guitars while the album closing “Let Somebody Else Drive” features a fiddle-drenched rockin’ public service announcement that finds John and guest Hank Williams, Jr. proclaiming “when you get on the whiskey, you better let somebody else drive.” 

Like I said in the opening paragraph, you’ll either love or loath Rich Rocks and while it’s not the kind of thing I personally love to hear all the time, the the songs on this SixPak have their place – as music for a party or as part of a concert set.

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