Glen Templeton – “I Could Be The One”

With this single already Top 40 on the Billboard Activator chart, Glen Templeton has make fast friends with the gatekeepers at radio. With success on those charts, the larger market (big city) stations will soon be looking to play it.  Is the song worthy of all this attenti

Templeton has a trace of young Conway to his voice, but his freshman release is by no means derivative. The production is typical modern fare, but muscular and emphatic, driving the song’s rhythms quite strongly. Lyrically, it could use a little more meat — the lines are mostly “I could be x, y, or z, but I could be the one” — but overall, the premise is interesting enough to carry it. Not unlike Tim McGraw’s “Real Good Man,” he admits to being a little wild, loud and rebellious, but also admits that he could be her lover. 

There are so many debut singles released every year, and so many that get lost in the shuffle for one reason or another. “I Could Be the One” is a song that does so much right that it’s easy to overlook a minor flaw or two. In other words, it’s a fine choice for a debut, and it’s certainly a song I wouldn’t mind seeing inch its way up the charts.

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