Trace Adkins - "Just Fishin'"

Trace Adkins has scored his biggest hits when he showcases his softer side, the side to him that's buried underneath his rough and tumble exterior.  Does "Just Fishin'," the lead single to his upcoming album for Show Dog-Univeral show-off this 'softer' side?

Well…That day is here with “Just Fishin’.” This single, which was written by Casey Beathard, Montry Criswell and Ed Hill, finds Trace comfortably back in father mode as he sings a song about making life-long memories with his daughter.  There are specific scenes in the song like where she’s more in tune with her ballet slippers and how they look than the life-long memory being made with her dad but her daddy knows what it all means and how they will look fondly on the times spent together.

This single is very much in-line with the classic songs from his recent past like “Then They Do,” “You’re Gonna Miss This” and well, it’s right in Trace’s sweet spot musically.  It’s what most fans have come to expect from him but at the same time it’s the kind of family-man song that Trace Adkins does best.  It’s sweet, chock full of wisdom and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by a lot more people than “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” or many of Trace Adkins’ other swaggering and muscular tunes that were the bulk of the tunes that made up Cowboy’s Back In Town.  

With the relatable lyric and accessible melody, “Just FIshin’”  is a spectacular reminder of how great a vocalist Trace Adkins really is and it shows that beneath that gruff, manly exterior is a father who has a soft spot for the women in his life and is more than happy to sing about ‘em.

Listen: Lo Fi Stream