Music Video Madness - Championship Round

In the biggest upset of our First Annual Music Video Madness Fan Voted Video countdown, Randy Montana defeated the heavily favored Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson to face Craig Campbell in the final round. These two artists need YOU in order to be crowned the champ!

In the spirit of the most exciting and most interactive sporting event in the country, Roughstock has selected sixteen of the hottest music videos currently on the charts and seeded them in a music video countdown.  The seeds were ordered in the order of their Country Aircheck radio chart placement (as of March 10). 

How it works:

After voting for 16 videos the first week, 8 videos last week and 2 games Tuesday-Thursday, we have pared the 16 videos down to two. Tuesday Morning we will announce the winners.

You can win too:

In addition to supporting your favorite music videos from your favorite artists, you will have the chance to enter to win one of five prize packs which feature stuff from EACH of the sixteen artists featured in this contest.  You can enter the contest as much as you want but only after you have voted for your favorite videos (you can refresh the page to vote again and again).  The five winners will be announced when the winning video is announced on Tuesday, April 5!

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The Championship Game

Division 1&3 Winner Craig Campbell "Family Man" Vs. Division 2&4 game winner Randy Montana "1,000 Faces."

Now that you've voted, Click Here for your chance to win one of five huge prize packs!

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