Kip Moore - "Mary Was The Marrying Kind"

After years in which country music seemingly had lots of stars and not so many newcomers, there has been a run of talent that might be unprecented. How, then, does newcomer Kip Moore fit in with this, his interesting debut single for MCA Records?

The strength of the song is its lyrics, particularly the first verse.  Moore, who wrote the song with Scott Stepakoff and Dan Couch, managed to avoid stereotypes and clichés and give his exes both names and real identities.  It’s a bit of a disappointment that the second verse, when he actually talks about Mary, isn’t quite as descriptive, but it still paints an effective picture of why it didn’t work out.  The most interesting line of the song serves as the bridge, as Moore says “My best friend proved what I already knew, Mary was the marrying kind.”  This brings the song full circle as we realize the motivation to his ode to Mary. 

Moore gives an impassioned vocal performance, particularly on the chorus.  It’s a tad overproduced, but by 2011 standards is far from gluttonous.  Most of all, though, the song stands out.  Even in 2011, that should be enough to get radio programmers to give this song a chance.  Songs of lost love and missed opportunity are certainly nothing new, but the intricate details set this song apart from the heap.

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