Margaret Durante - Maybe Tonight EP

Margaret Durante is likely new to most of our readers but after taking a listen to this EP we have a feeling that we'll be hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.  Take a look at our thoughts on her debut EP release.

“Paper Chains” is a rhythmic tale that equates the fraility of paper chains to the fraility of broken promises in a relationship saying “You had me holding on to paper chains, so easy to make, so easy to break, you just strung them together, knowing that they never take the weight, yet you kept around, a long way to the ground when you’re hanging by paper chains.”  It’s an interesting metaphorical look at a broken heart and broken relationship.  “Whiskey And A Gun” rounds out the album and it’s very much in line with “Before He Cheats” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”  It’s a fiddle-soaked rumination on how to not treat a woman and the ramifications that happen from that: “Any fool should know that you don’t look a woman in the eye when she knows what you’ve done and is holding whiskey and a gun.”  It’s dark tale but it’s certainly perfectly suited to join the pantheon of classic murder ballads and revenge tunes in country music, yes the melody and parts of the song are ‘up tempo’ with la-ti-da’s laced throughout the song but it’s still an enjoyable tune, as are all of the songs I’ve heard from Margaret Durante thus far.  If radio gives her a shot, she could be the next break-out star in country music.

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