Martina McBride - "Teenage Daughters"

Judging a book by it's cover or a song by its title is often not a smart thing to do and never has this time-tested theory been proven right than on this, the debut Republic Nashville debut single from Martina McBride.  Will it help her rebrand her career?

Co-producing with Byron Gallimore, Martina has done a remarkable job in making people see her artistry on a completely different level with “Teenage Daughters.”  It’s a song that’s brutally honest, comes from her own life and doesn’t fall into the dramatic melisma-filled type of song that was so often sent out to radio over the years, a trend that made it hard for her to even sing them all in live settings without shredding that fantastic voice of hers.  Byron and Martina give the melody an airy flow and there’s a whole conversational “Pretenders” feel to the way Martina sings the lyrics over the melody.  

That being said, there is a group of people out there who expect and want her to only sing songs like "Anyway" or other soaring ballads and will trash this tune as unmelodic and 'terrible' and while it's OK to have that opinion, but in in this writer’s mind, the release of this song is a good thing that will likely help her score a the much-needed hit and gain another set of fans in the process.  Is it something that’s immediate and comfortable, like Ronnie Dunn’s “Bleed Red?” or Rascal Flatts “Why Wait?” No but it’s just as good a performance and has more than a bit of a cheeky vibe to it.