Jaron & The Long Road To Love - "It's A Good Thing"

Perhaps country music's first viral star, you know a singer with a song that becomes popular through sharing and relentless requesting by fans (Frans in Jaron's case), Jaron and the Long Road to Love return with "It's A Good Thing." Should it be his next Top 40 hit?

Now partnered with Nashville’s Nine North Records for promotion, Jaron is sending out “It’s A Good Thing,” – chosen by the editors at The Huffington Post as one of their “Top 21 Songs of 2010” – to country radio. Written by Jaron with his brother Evan Lowenstein and Andy Davis, the song immediately hits all the right notes for my melodic brain with a mixture of piano, steel guitar and electric guitars guiding lyrics that anyone who has inexplicably found them back in love with somebody when they proudly had sworn off love after a the kind of heartbreak that was so cleverly discussed on “Pray For You.” Vocally, Jaron continues to be crystal clear, front and center in the mix of the song and that alone makes “It’s A Good Thing” a rarity in mainstream country music these days as it seems that loud and louder rule the day. 

“It’s A Good Thing” is a complete 180 from “Pray For You” in terms of lyrics and humor but for anyone who likes a great-sounding, mid-tempo ballad, “It’s A Good Thing” certainly will work the part. Yes, it could be used in a romantic comedy and that will make some people not like the song, but for me, that’s something to be proud of as this means that “It’s A Good Thing” is the kind of song that is universally appealing. This means it is a song that was made to be listened to, enjoyed and sung- a-long to. I have a feeling Jaron will be scoring even more Frans because of this tune, and that, my friends, is a good thing.

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