Aaron Lewis - Town Line

Coming seemingly outta left field is the debut solo album release of Platinum selling Rock Band front man Aaron Lewis. Rather than release a solo album of Staind songs, instead we get a lean set of country-leaning tunes.

The other four songs on the record are interesting and (mostly) gone is much of the woe-is-me hurtful tunes Lewis is known for and in its place are the acoustic ballads about his family that keeps him grounded in a world where celebrities are often not grounded at all.  “Tangled Up In You” is a pretty ballad written for his wife and how she still moves and provides ‘the fire that warms me when I’m Cold” and “the shore when I’m lost at sea.”  This tune is quite simiar in style to career-making hit “Outside” and it is followed on the EP by the fantastic tune about his children, wife and his sanctuary that is his Berkshires mountain home.  “Massachusetts” is as pretty and melodic a ballad as you’ll find on any country album (or rock album for that matter) and certainly one that will resonate with fans.

“Vicious Circles” is perhaps the only song on this record that could feel like it’s “It’s Been A While” or other of those ‘woe-is-me’ songs Aaron’s so known for but in reality it’s a song about the hardships we all face in life and how those hardships, despite our wanting to ‘walk on water like Jesus did before,’ or painting of a masterpiece like Picasso in order to do everything for someone you live.  It’s abstract yet to the point at the same time.  The most ‘country’ tune on this EP (which also features two other radio edits of “Country Boy”) is the album opening “The Story Never Ends” which is like a partner of sorts to “Massachusetts” in that it paints a picture of Aaron Lewis’ life and what he truly does what he does as a touring musician, to have 10 months or so home in the Berkshires and hanging out with the country folk of the town he calls home there. 

Fans of Staind are more than likely to enjoy Town Line and I have no doubts that a few new fans will flock their way to Aaron Lewis and a couple of these songs (“Vicious Circles” and “Tangled Up In You”) may very well make their way to the rock radio single charts like “Country Boy” has, a song that sold over 200,000 digital singles before the release of the EP.  With that kind of fan base and potential for an even larger one, Aaron Lewis has the makings of a career that could be hitting a refreshing second wave and that’s a story that may keep on going to the delight of his fans.

Lyrics: Country Boy"

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