The Roys - "Coal Minin' Man"

With this rootsy tune, their debut for the revered roots music label Rural Rhythm Records, the brother and sister duo The Roys showcase their sweet family harmonies, musicianship and theisr strong songwriting ability. Let's find out what Ben Foster thinks of the single.

"Coal Minin' Man" describes the miner's routine in a way that emphasizes his strong enduring spirit.  It then reveals his motivating force to be his love for his wife, and his determination to provide for her.  The song treats its titular character in a manner that is neither condescending nor idolizing.  It mainly aims to build appreciation for the qualities he displays.  He works hard, but you never hear him complain about his adversities.  Whenever his boss yells at him, he simply "takes out his frustration with a stick of good ol' dynamite.

Besides the lyrics, the rich roots-oriented bluegrass instrumentation is another major kicker.  This single is replete with the sweet sounds of co-producer Andy Leftwich's fiddle and Randy Kohrs' dobro.  Lee and Elaine harmonize beautifully, but each sibling is a distinctive and talented vocalist in his/her own right.  Lee handles lead vocal duties on this track, with Elaine's soft harmony vocal blending perfectly into his passionate yet laid-back performance.  The whole track radiates infectious and irresistible warmth.  If The Roys' upcoming debut album is as effortlessly charming and broadly enjoyable as its lead single, then we are in for a real treat indeed.

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