Live Blog: The ACA Awards

For or first ever foray into live blogging, we discussed the new ACA Awards telecast on Fox.  Check out what we had to say about the show and find out who won each of the many awards from unique and different categories.

For or first ever foray into live blogging, we're going to be keeping abrest of our Twitter and facebook page as we watch the ACA Awards. We will share our thoughts, live here on the ACA Awards. The show is on Fox TV from 8-10 PM eastern time. That means 7-9 pm for you folks in the centeral time zone.

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8:58:  This show showed new show growing pains but all in all was an interesting show and although I like Trace Adkins, he wasn't the best of hosts.  Next year they should get someboy better to host it.  And they cut Trace off at 9.  That needs to be fixed for next year, if there is a next year.

8:57: Trace ENDS THE SHOW with "This Ain't No Love Song. The stupid credits placed over Trace were just that. Stupid.

8:55:  Carrie Underwood won all 6 ACA's she was nominated for including Album, artist and Female Artist of the Year.  Of course she did, I knew she would because the fans voted for her.

8:48 Jason Aldean sounds good and then "My Kinda Party" is turned into a duet with Luke Bryan? They actually sound good together. Once again, the produciton sounds good and not over done.

845 Lady Antebellum gets the ACA for group of the year and got single of the year, single by a group and music video by a group. I agree w/Charles.  The ACA's production qualities are a lot better for the sound than other shows. 

8:40: Trace Adkins funniest bit of the night is saying what Blake would say after winning the video of the year award.

8:39: Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins win "Hillbilly Bone" Music Video of the Year award.

8:30: Any bets that some fans will say that Alan Jackson's not country music or too boring?

8:28: Kaley from Big Bang Theory (how did CBS allow this?) introduces the Greatest Hits award for Alan Jackson. "Where Were You" isn't the greatest hit ever.  But this is a great medley to get behind.  Alan's hits.

8:24: They cut off Uncle Kracker and they cut off Steel Magnolia to get this show in on time.  Ain't gonna cut off Aldean.

8:23: Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones usually sings better than this live.  Meghan Linsey is on as usual.  I really like these guys! Their CD is out in a month!

8:18: Keith Urban performs live in Dallas, TX Performing "Put You In A Song" and of course it sounds good because he's in control of the audio surroundings.  Basssit Jerry Flowers  (was in the Ranch with KU) is next to him. 

8:17: Rodney Carrington gets more laughs than anyone else and he's not funny. 

8:10 Blake and Miranda don't like Jeff Dunham either.

8:06 Reba is a little sharp but damn if she doesn't still look very good. 

8:04 Trace isn't the best host.

7:59 an hour in and we've only given two awards away and two special awards to Toby and Rascal Flatts.

7:55: This is a very good song and Toby sings it well, though the horns almost drown him out.

7:53: Criss Angel? Ugh.  He looks like one of Taylor Swift's band members.  Toby gets an award. That's one way to get him to like your award show. "Video visionary?"

7:51: I kind of like the allowing artists to thank everyone after they perform although I'm starting to think this award show is like the AMA's.

7:44: Josh sounds like his record singing live.  That's high a high compliment, particularly given how he's singing on an award show.

7: 43: Single of the Year by a Male Artist: Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance. I didn't expect him to win but I'm happy for him to get one of his first awards.

7:41: Here comes the military spot that is obligatory on a country music awards show.  That aside, I do agree we need to say thank you to our troops for doing what they do.

7:37:  I Cannot stand Jeff Dunham.

7:36: Do we reeally need swaybots for performances. Wait, this is a Fox telecast. 

7:30: I loved this song ("If I Die Yong") from the very moment I heard their EP this past summer.  Kimberly sounds pretty good live.  She certainly has the Taylor Swift hair and guitar going on. Too bad the brothers kinda have muffled harmonies...Also Worst. Band. Name. Ever.

7:28: Joe Don Rookey to Gary LeVox: "Give me this guitar, you're not a guitar player!"  Guess LeVox plays a fiddle or something...

7:26: Obligatory thank sanding ovation, thanks of the old label (RIP Lyric Street), their new label, family and fans...

7:24 Easton Corbin gets Breakthrough Artist, Breakthrough Video and Breakthrough Male Artist of the Year.

7:22: Rascal Flatts does a decent job with their hits in this award show atmosphere, which is never the trio's strong suit.

7:19: Lady A intros Rascal Flatts as they sing a medley of hits as part of their 'special ACA' award (not fan voted).  Levox is having one his good nights but I don't get his crazy white camo mic and stand.

7:15: Trace has a TSA pat-down joke.  Former Nashville Star host Nancy O'Dell surfaces with Easton Corbin.  Guess ACA Award winners get custom ACA Fender Stratocaster awards.  Eason gets "Breakthrough Video of the Year" too.  He didn't need to shout though.

7:10: Has anyone besides me noticed the use of all of the free fonts from sites like for the fonts used during this award show?

7:08: Breakthrough Artist of the Year goes to Easton Corbin, who performs.  Guess he has more fans than Danny Gokey. No acceptance speech.  Interesting.

7:06: Here's Bret Michaels for Breakthrough Artist of the Year award being handed out.  My prediction before was proven wrong (go figure)...

7:05: Now you know why it's on Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton.  It will be a single sometime next year.

7:03: Blake Shelton sings Rhett Akins' "Kiss My Country Ass."  This isn't your normal award show, folks.

7:00:  Trace Adkins starts off with "Meat Chaps" joke referecning the Lady GaGa meat dress.  Then a crazy "honky tonk badonkadonk" referenced intro...

6:40: Looks like that only 5 awards will be given out during the live show.  Most likely these will be male, female, group/duo, artist and Headlining Concert Package or Album.  Three artists (Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Rascal Flatts) will get special artist nods.

Artist of the Year

Carrie Underwood

Artist of the Year: Male

Brad Paisley

Artist of the Year: Female

Carrie Underwood

Artist of the Year: Duo or Group

Lady Antebellum

Artist of the Year: Breakthrough Artist

Easton Corbin

Album of the Year

‘Play On,’ Carrie Underwood

Single of the Year

‘Need You Now,’ Lady Antebellum

Single of the Year: Male

Why Don’t We Just Dance,’ Josh Turner

Single of the Year: Female

‘Cowboy Casanova,’ Carrie Underwood

Single of the Year: Duo or Group

‘Need You Now,’ Lady Antebellum

Single of the Year: Breakthrough Artist

‘A Little More Country Than That,’ Easton Corbin

Touring Headline Package of the Year

Carrie Underwood

Music Video of the Year

‘Hillbilly Bone,’ Blake Shelton with Trace Adkins

Music Video: Male

‘Hillbilly Bone,’ Blake Shelton with Trace Adkins

Music Video: Female

‘Cowboy Casanova,’ Carrie Underwood

Music Video: Duo or Group

‘Need You Now,’ Lady Antebellum

Music Video: Breakthrough Artist

‘A Little More Country Than That,’ Easton Corbin

Decade Award

Rascal Flatts

Video Visionary Award

Toby Keith

Greatest Hits Award

Alan Jackson