Katie Armiger - "Best Song Ever"

As the latest single off of her third album for Cold River Records, "Best Song Ever" has given Katie Armiger her biggest Billboard chart hit to date and if the stars align right, it might be her first Top 40 record there.  But should this single be given that chance?

Well, it's not trying to sell itself as the best song ever, but rather it's one of those "songs about a song" that crops up now and then. The narrator's feeling down but she heard the "best song ever" that hit all of those right emotional notes and let her know that she's going to feel better about that broken heart. This kind of meta-song has been done before, but it has a very original spin on the idea and it sounds great, too. The melody is catchy and slightly reminiscent of Bomshel's (severely underrated) "19 and Crazy." Armiger's vocal isn't particularly distinctive, but it's solid and energetic enough, and it matches well with the slick production. I could easily see this being a lost cut from Jessica Andrews' Now album. 

It took Katie Armiger six tries before she broke through on the charts, hitting #55 earlier this year with "Kiss Me Now," and now "Best Song Ever" has beaten that. Most of the independent acts that have made the charts in the past couple years seem to have clawed their way onto the charts by putting out something just a little bit different. "Best Song Ever" hits just about the right combination of originality and radio-friendliness, and I could easily see it being the song that finally gets her into the top 40.

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