Christmas Shopping Impacts Album Sales Charts

With sales strong across all genres this Christmas shopping season, Taylor Swift managed to sell more than a quarter of a million albums to get back the top-selling slot in America for Speak Now.  Let's check out how 35 other country albums fared this week!


LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
2 1 Taylor Swift Speak Now 259,136 2,607,188
12 16 Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 74,087 446,924
19 19 Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 71,167 565,117
22 24 Sugarland The Incredible Machine 63,473 684,746
25 25 Lady Antebellum Need You Now 61,624 2,995,136

Keith Urban’s Get Closer leads the second half of the Top 10 with over 400,000 copies sold since being released five weeks ago.  Kenny Chesney’s Hemingway’s Whiskey is right behind Keith Urban with another 43,000 folks purchasing the album last week as “Somewhere With You” rises up the charts.  Tim McGraw’s career-spanning Number One Hits sits this week with 120,000 copies sold in three weeks on the charts.  The lone new song on the set, “Felt Good On My Lips” sits at #3 on the singles chart this week.  The ninth best-selling album on the SoundScan charts this week is Zac Brown Band’s Grammy-nominated You Get What You Give. The album, which features multi-week #1 “As She’s Walking Away,” has now sold over 530,000 copies, sliding past the Gold mark this week.  Lady Antebellum’s Target-exclusive A Merry Little Christmas rounds out the Top 10 with over 220,000 copies sold and it will likely hit the quarter-million sold mark this final week of Christmas.  It also gives country music 25% of the Top 40 albums on the SoundScan Hot 200 Albums sales chart. 

LW TW Artist The Reason Why Sales TW Sales Total
21 26 Keith Urban Get Closer 59,849 408,685
36 34 Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 43,163 546,385
32 35 Tim McGraw Number One Hits 43,098 119,242
37 39 Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 38,609 533,431
41 40 Lady Antebellum A Merry Little Christmas 36,677 223,109

Miranda Lambert’s Revolution leads off the 11-15 section of this week’s rundown with the Grammy-nominated album featuring “The House That Built Me” now having scanned nearly 1.1 million copies.  The Band Perry’s self-titled debut – which features new single “You Lie,” “Hip To My Heart” and #1 hit “If I Die Young” – has now sold nearly 300,000 copies and has an outside shot of surpassing Easton Corbin’s self-titled debut next week as the best-selling album released in 2010 by a new artist.  In reality, in about two weeks this is all but given this will happen.  The trio’s “If I Die Young” is also a Platinum-selling digital single as well.  Alan Jackson’s two-disc 34 Number Ones has now sold 116,000 copies in just a month on the charts. Taylor Swift’s 2008 album Fearless sits next with nearly 6.3 million copies sold. The 15th best-selling country album of the week is Darius Rucker’s Charleston, SC 1966.  It has now sold over 309,000 copies. 

LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
40 44 Miranda Lambert Revolution 34,311 1,073,331
44 45 The Band Perry The Band Perry 34,212 276,476
38 49 Alan Jackson 34 Number Ones 29,949 116,375
47 53 Taylor Swift Fearless 26,657 6,174,282
53 54 Darius Rucker Charleston, SC 1966 26,186 309,920

Reba McEntire leads the 16-20 section of the best selling country albums this week with All The Woman I Am – which features this week’s #1 single “Turn On The Radio” – having now sold over 177,000 copies since being released a month ago.  Carrie Underwood’s Play On is next and has now sold nearly 1.9 million copies since being released in November of 2009.  Zac Brown Band’s major-label debut The Foundation is next and has sold over 2.4 million copies since being released in 2008.  Brad Paisley’s Hits Alive is the 19th best-selling country album this week with 20,000 more people picking up a copy of the double album which is inching towards the Gold sales mark due to being a double album and only needing 250,000 copies sold to reach the milestone.  Toby Keith’s Bullets In The Gun is the 20th best-seller this week thanks to the Top 20 hit title track. 

LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
52 56 Reba McEntire All The Woman I Am 25,273 177,515
68 61 Carrie Underwood Play On 24,954 1,886,306
61 75 Zac Brown Band Foundation 24,746 2,431,723
80 84 Brad Paisley Hits Alive 20,338 144,591
85 85 Toby Keith Bullets in the Gun 17,337 236,097

Blake Shelton’s Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton has found nearly 100,000 homes since being released six weeks ago.  The album features all of his biggest hits (except for “I’ll Just Hold On”).  Billy Currington’s Enjoy Yourself is #21 this week with over 180,000 sold since being released 13 weeks ago.  The album features the #1 hit “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer” and current chart hit “Let Me Down Easy.”  The Gold-certified critical favorite The Guitar Song from Jamey Johnson has now actually scanned 223,000 copies while his record label has sold over 250,000 copies of the double album to stores – who then sell it to consumers, thus giving it the RIAA Gold distinction.  Eric Church’s year-old Carolina has now sold nearly 350,000 copies thanks to hits like “Love Your Love The Most” and current Top 20 hit “Smoke A Little Smoke.”  The various artist recent radio hits collection, Now That’s What I Call Country! Volume 3 rounds out the Top 25 with sales nearing the 100,000 sold mark.

LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
81 90 Blake Shelton Loaded:The Best of… 16,368 97,031
101 95 Billy Currington Enjoy Yourself 14,210 180,102
121 104 Jamey Johnson The Guitar Song 11,664 222,729
129 118 Eric Church Carolina 9,863 345,633
144 129 Various Artists Now Country 3 8,603 97,498

Zac Brown Band’s Pass The JarZac Brown Band and Friends live album is #26 this week and it gives them three albums on this rundown, the same which can be said for Lady Antebellum who are next with their nearly double platinum self-titled debut album.  Jerrod Niemann’s Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury is next and has sold nearly 200,000 copies since being released in July of 2010.  Current single “What Do You Want” sits at #21 and is the follow-up to the Gold-selling #1 single “Lover, Lover.”  Thanks to being on many people’s Christmas lists this year, George Strait’s Twang experienced nearly a 50% sales boost over last week and has now sold over 650,000 copies since being released in 2008. Brad Paisley’s American Saturday Night also experienced some gift excitement as the album found over 7,400 more homes, to give it over 700,000 sold since being released in the fall of 2010.

LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
148 132 Zac Brown Band Pass The Jar 8,435 182,305
157 134 Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum 8,280 1,814,836
142 136 Jerrod Niemann Judge Jerrod/Hung Jury 8,146 192,961
163 145 George Strait Twang 7,623 652,241
167 148 Brad Paisley American Saturday Night 7,404 704,425

Blake Shelton rounds out or bonus 31-35 section of the Hot country albums chart this week (we don’t know the whole Top 40 as they don’t fit within the Hot 200 Albums list provided by SoundScan, only 36 do).  His second of two 6 track EPs for the year, All About Tonight has now sold over 140,000 copies and features current hit “Who are You When I’m Not Lookin’” in addition to the #1 hit title track.  Easton Corbin’s self-titled album features the #1 hits “Roll With It” and “A Little More Country Than That.”  It also features “I Can’t Love You Back,” a song which is also likely to hit #1 at some point in 2011.  Trace Adkins has just released “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” off of his latest album Cowboy’s Back In Town and the album (which features lead single “This Ain’t No Love Song” as well) has now sold 175,000 copies since being released in the fall.  Luke Bryan’s Doin’ My Thing sits next with the “Someone Else is Calling You Baby” singer nearing Gold status for the album.  Loretta Lynn’s tribute album Coal Miner’s Daughter:Loretta Lynn and Friends rounds out the rundown this week with the album passing the 42,000 sales mark thanks in large part to great reviews.

LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
148 132 Blake Shelton All About Tonight 6,863 140,564
157 134 Easton Corbin Easton Corbin 6,436 291,960
142 136 Trace Adkins Cowboy's Back In Town 6,318 174,424
163 145 Luke Bryan Doin' My Thing 6,161 486,482
167 148 Loretta Lynn/Friends Coal Miner's Daughter 5,636 42,790

In case you’re wondering, the 36th best-selling country album for the week was Little Big Town’s The Reason Why, A record which is inching towards the 200,000 copies sold mark thanks to their Top 10 comeback hit “Little White Church” and current single “Kiss Goodbye.”  Next week we’ll be skipping a chart rundown so with that we’d like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and hope you all have a happy holiday season!  See you in 2011