Danny Gokey - "Tennessee Christmas"

It's a rite of passage for newer country music artists to get the chance to record a holiday song or two and that's exactly what Danny Gokey provides with his debut Christmas song, a cover of the fantastic Amy Grant hit from the 1980s.


If there ever was a song to showcase Danny Gokey’s potential as a country music balladeer (he’s kinda like a modern more vocally powerful version of Greenwood, in all honesty), it is "Tennessee Christmas." The production is laid-back, acoustic and down-right perfect giving a natural pocket where Danny ‘s voice is able to shine without ever reaching operatic ‘diva’ moments.  This is thekind of joyful, relaxing holiday music that fits well between the sugary up-tempo classics like “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland” so as to not bash in our heads wondering why we’re out shopping over and over again.   

This is an expertly made tune and if this is an indication of where Danny Gokey’s country music future is heading, then count me in an even bigger fan of his chances of success in country music, even if he lands far closer to the ‘pop’ side of the large country tent than in the traditional side.

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