The Harters – “If I Run”

After getting “Jenny” to the lower-rungs of the Billboard airplay charts, the family trio The Harters return with this new single.  Will they score an even bigger hit with this ballad which is voiced mainly by sister Leslie Harter.  Let’s see what our writer had to say about it.

Set to a distinctive 6/8 time signature, it has a lovely, straightforward lyric. “If I run, will you run after me? / If I walk, will you wait patiently? / If I fall, will you have sympathy / If I run, if I run, will you run after me?” Later on, she offers little details, the most interesting being the two of them sitting in rocking chairs with salt and pepper hair. The production is rather delightfully uncluttered; though there’s obviously a string section in there, it’s never obtrusive, and blends in very well with the piano, mandolin and light drums. Once again, though, Scott and Michael’s harmonies overpower their sister’s lead vocal at times, but all three have strong enough voices that it hardly matters. 

Maybe it’s because I wrote this review the same day that I wrote my Band Perry review, but it seems that both The Band Perry and The Harters fall into a fairly similar niche: both are trios consisting of a female lead singer and her two brothers, and both have a surprisingly acoustic sound. The Harters set themselves apart by retaining a rootsier sound and lyric, as opposed to the slightly flashier Perry siblings, so I have every reason to believe that there’s room for two brother-brother-sister groups on radio.

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