Burns & Poe - "How Long is Long Enough"

After two singles which scored Top 25 slots on the Music Row Breakout chart, new duo Keith Burns and Michelle Poe return with this, this third single from their upcoming album.  Will Poe's first chance at the lead singer help the single get higher on the charts?

On their first two singles, new duo Burns & Poe showed both their fun side, on the Marcel Chagnon-like romp “Don’t Get No Better Than That”, and their softer side on the neo-traditional ballad, “Always A Woman”.  “How Long Is Long Enough”, their third single and second for Blue Steel Records, is another ballad stamped in the past, only this one has more of a contemporary 90’s feel to it.  It is also their first single to feature Michelle Poe taking over the lead singing reins.

From the opening few guitar chords it becomes obvious that this is going to be a lonesome song.  Poe then gracefully weaves a mournful voice over the verse that more than sells her sorrow.  Unfortunately, that‘s where the song gets off track, because the chorus just doesn’t live up to the verses.  Maybe it’s just a lack of depth in Poe’s voice, but the emotional connection you feel in verse just doesn’t continue in the chorus.  The lyrics aren’t anything special, but they’re effective and they stay out of the way and let the melody and vocals shine.

It’s still a strong effort from Burns & Poe, but I can’t help but think that in the hands of a emotive expert like Trisha Yearwood or Martina McBride (if she could resist the urge to shriek the chorus) or even Vince Gill, this song could be a truly standout effort.

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