the JaneDear girls - "Wildflower"

Since the Judds 'retired' 20 years ago, there have been many all-female duos trying to find success in country music and while they seem to find some moderate success, not many have found much in the way of longterm success. Will the JaneDear girls be the duo to do so?

It seems like, ever since Wynonna Judd went solo, there just hasn't been room in country music for a female duo. Sure, plenty have sprung up since The Judds split in 1991 — The Lynns, Regina Regina, Marie Sisters, Redmon & Vale, The Wreckers, Kate & Kacey, Bomshel — but none have really had any form of long-term success. Next in line is The JaneDear Girls, a new act on Reprise Records composed of Susie Brown and Danielle Leverett. 

John Rich took the duo under his wing, and it sounds like it with the thumping, rocking sound of the girls' lead-off single, "Wildflower." Banjo, fiddle and electric mandolin are interwoven with strong drums, bass and electric guitar. Both Susie and Danielle posess strong, sassy voices that harmonize well without seeming calculated or overblown. The song's subject matter is kind of lightweight — she does a lot of vaguely sassy things because she's a "wildflower" — but it sure sounds fun and energetic, so the lyrics don't have to be a masterpiece. 

The recently-reprised Nashville branch of Reprise Records hasn't had too much in the way of success outside a stray hit by Gloriana. However, a few smart single choices from promising new acts such as The JaneDear Girls might boost the label's profile and with it, the artists'. "Wildflower" is an excellent choice for a debut single, because it shows what the girls are already capable of while still showing a great deal of promise.

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