Clay Walker - "Where Do I Go From You"

With this single country's comeback kid Clay Walker is hoping to score his set of consecutive Top 10 hits in six years.  Will this single, which was produced by Keith Stegall, give him the chance to do this?  Will it start another string of hits from Walker?

Once considered one of country music’s most promising future headliners, Clay Walker has unfortunately had a tough time in sustaining a string of Top 10 hits.  While his career may have slowed down after the mid-90’s boom, Clay has remained recording for major labels after most artists from his ‘era’ of country stars has fallen by the wayside.  Earlier this year Clay scored a Top 5 hit with “She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” the title tune to his second Curb Records album.   Now working toward getting two Top 10 singles up the charts back-to-back for the first time since 2004’s “A Few Questions” and “I Can Sleep” (from RCA’s A Few Questions album), Clay Walker can be called a survivor. 

With his fantastic and emotive tenor, it’s easy to see why labels keep giving Clay Walker a chance at sustaining radio success.  His latest single is “Where Do I Go From You” and with a playful melody that recalls past #1 hit “Then What,” Clay gets to discussing how he’s going to get over the love of his life. 

“Where do I go to get over the fact that you got on a plane and you ain’t comin’ back/I said what I said and you did what you had to do/where does a man have to go to get over the truth/where do I go from you?”

It’s an honest question and it’s a situation that many men have found themselves in similar situations.  Written by Clint Daniels, Don Cook and Ryan Tyndell, “Where Do I Go From You” is the kind of song that just asks the question ‘why.’  It’s about a guy who realizes he did and said the wrong things (If I had to guess he didn’t want to get too close in the relationship yet when he vocalized this, she decided to get as far away from him as possible.  He likely figured he’d still be able to see her yet when she left; he couldn’t believe she would do what she did, leaving him heartbroken and dumbfounded. 

As crazy as that sounds, there are plenty of people out there who will relate to this exact situation and that should be enough to help open up the chance for the song to be a hit.  The melody may not exactly ‘jibe’ with the lyrics but then again, it might also serve as a partner for the protagonist’s befuddlement in his situation.  He got more than what he wanted and that has left him in a predicament that he didn’t exactly want.

With an interesting lyric and an interesting and solid mainstream melody, Clay Walker may just get another Top 10 hit out of this song.  It’s certainly worthy of such success. And if this happens, Clay Walker may be back on the track to headliner status that got derailed when his record label situations imploded a decade ago.

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